When does hair grow after a hair transplant? This is certainly one of the most important questions that patients ask after hair transplantation. Most patients would like to know immediately after the procedure how hair growth will develop after the procedure. However, some patience is required after the operation.

Being informed is half the battle

Of course, it does not matter where the hair transplant is performed.
Whether in Germany or on more favorable terms in Turkey: the process is always the same. Who’s Growth after 6 months of hair transplantation looks realistic? National or international doctors should provide information about this in advance. It doesn’t raise too many hopes either.

The first month after the hair transplant

In the first month after the operation, the result is already quite satisfactory.

The hair initially appears relatively dense, as lengths of hair taken from the donor area are also implanted.

However, the hair then suffers from a lack of oxygen and gradually falls out. The hair cycle slowly moves from the growth phase to the resting phase. This phase formation applies to the hair lengths but not to the roots of the transplanted hair. This phenomenon is typical for the end of the first month after the transplant and is completely normal.

Although hair growth varies from patient to patient, approximately 40% of all scalp hair is clearly visible after one month.

The first month after the hair transplant
In the first month after the operation, the result is already quite satisfactory

The second to third month after the transplant

After two to three months, the hair roots have grown. But the hair has fallen out for the time being. On average, about ten percent of the transplanted hair is visible at this stage. This is why the hair looks bare and light at this stage.

Therefore, if the hair gradually grows in the recovered donor area, a large part of the transplanted hair will fall out.
At this point, it is important to be patient. If you want to beat the weather, then you should use a hat if possible. However, this headgear should only sit slightly, at least at first. Anyone who survived the first three months can soon expect lush hair growth.

The second to third month after the transplant
After two to three months, the hair roots have grown

The fourth to fifth month after the hair transplant

After this regeneration time, the hair grows at will from the fourth to the fifth month. In this phase, the patient’s hair gradually fills in.

At this stage, it is common for up to 30% of all transplanted hair to be visible.

Hair fullness increasingly adjusts to the level that sets in immediately after hair transplantation. During this period, patients feel their patience slowly paying off. For this reason, the anticipation of the end result slowly sets in at this time.

What happens between the sixth and seventh month after the hair transplant?

It takes about six months before the level is reached again directly after the procedure. Hair keeps growing. After this point, the hair image reaches approximately 40-50%.
Especially if it’s hereditary hair loss and a receding hairline is now a hair much bigger than before the operation. From this stage at the latest, many patients know that the operation was really worth it.

Especially in the case of hereditary hair loss and a receding hairline, the hair is now much fuller than it was before the operation

How does hair grow after eight to nine months?

After about nine months, the hair growth phase is reached, during which growth increases dramatically. The choice of clinic plays an important role in this process. Whether in Germany or Turkey:

Anyone who has opted for a good hair clinic can already count on 60 to 70% of the transplanted hair.

Patients confirm this result who have had their hair implanted in Istanbul or other major cities in Turkey. Anyone who gets their hair cut after the operation may have to wait a little longer to get their full head of hair. On the other hand, if patients let their hair grow longer, the main hair already looks quite full at this stage.

How hair grows between the tenth and twelfth month after the transplant

At this stage at the latest, the hair will grow as desired. About 80-90% of the implanted hairs are now visible in the recipient area.
A rate of 100% is not realistic. After all, it is quite normal for not all grafts to grow out completely. However, to grow as much hair as possible, good aftercare plays an important role.

Good hair growth after surgery: a matter of patience

After hair transplantation, it actually takes some time before the desired result is achieved. But after a year at the latest, those affected are rewarded for their patience. Nevertheless, the waiting time means that many patients are dissatisfied after the procedure. However, the waiting time is usually in order to finally be able to admire the full hair.

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