Back ache significantly reduce the comfort of restful sleep. Those affected often suffer from permanent fatigue, lack of concentration, and lack of productivity at work. Several studies show that many patients with back pain also suffer from nervous system damage.
On the other hand, lying in bed at night also triggers back pain if the bed and mattress are not suitable or if the affected people adopt an unfavorable sleeping position at night.

Negative consequences of lack of sleep

If strong tension occurs in the back, relaxed tension is Sleep impossible. Going to bed at night becomes torture. lack of sleep occurs.

Those affected increasingly suffer from superficial sleep, which is repeatedly disturbed by phases of wakefulness. A lack of deep sleep develops, which weakens the human body and makes it particularly susceptible to further pain or infection. If the so-called painful sleep is also dreamless, patients automatically suffer from a lack of psychological recovery.

lack of sleep
Sufferers increasingly suffer from superficial sleep, repeatedly disturbed by phases of wakefulness

Fight back pain as soon as possible

Those affected are caught in a kind of vicious circle, which is determined by excessive fatigue and increasing back pain. It is therefore important to quickly counteract muscle tension in the back area.

At the same time, it is important to optimize sleep hygiene in order to gradually increase the quality of sleep and the quality of life.

An important tip for all concerned: professional advice can help you find the right bed.

Tips for the right bed for back pain

In addition to a suitable bed, an important prerequisite for high sleeping comfort is a good room climate with temperatures of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. Since most people move a lot when they sleep, the bed should be at least one meter wide and about 20 centimeters taller than your actual height.

A good mattress plays an important role, which should not be as hard as a board, but on the other hand, should not sag. Ideally, the mattress is on a slatted base – a soft spring base – which yields slightly under pressure. For optimal use, it is useful that the box spring and the mattress are perfectly matched. A mattress that is not bulky and full of depressions or made up of several parts is not suitable for the back at all. It is therefore necessary to change the mattress from time to time.

Good mattress for back pain
A good mattress plays an important role, which should not be as hard as a board, but on the other hand, should not sag

Results of a sleep quality study

We also address the issue study which examined the link between sleep quality, mattress quality, and the occurrence of back pain.
This study shows that there is a significant correlation between sleep recovery factors and mattress quality in people with chronic back pain. It is therefore particularly important to choose your mattress carefully.

Tips for choosing a suitable pillow

Additionally, the right pillow size has a significant effect on sleep quality.

If the pillow is too thick, the head stretches.

This causes a slight tension in the neck muscles. Alternatively, special neck pillows can be used, which allow for a healthy head position when lying down.

What is the best way for sick people to sleep?

When lying down, it is particularly important that the muscles and the spine are relaxed or relieved. The lying position is rather unsuitable for this purpose. In this position, the back forms a hollow back. Because the head stretches accordingly, tension develops in the neck. If you sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees. Because the lumbar spine is relieved by this position, a hollow back is avoided.

When lying on your side, it is advisable to place a pillow between your knees. In this way, a misalignment of the pelvis is automatically corrected. In the case of acute lower back pain such as a herniated disc, sleeping on your back in tiered beds at night provides relief. With this principle, the lower legs are raised on special foam cubes. These cubes are offered for sale in stores specializing in orthopedics.

Relaxed spine during sleep
When lying down, it is especially important that the muscles and spine are relaxed or relieved

Have chronic back pain medically clarified

In addition to choosing a back-friendly lying position and a suitable mattress, it is important that the causes of sleep disorders and back pain are clarified medically. Otherwise, there is a high risk that the pain will become chronic, and, in the worst case, there will be consequences such as incapacity for work.

Current figures already show that back pain is the most common reason for issuing a certificate of incapacity for work. sports, massage, and heat applications are proven ways to relieve back pain and thus improve the quality of sleep.

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