Today, it is generally recognized that natural cosmetics are much more beneficial for the body and health than conventional cosmetics. After all, this form of cosmetics consists mainly of natural ingredients. However, natural cosmetics are not only a blessing for your own body.

At the same time, natural cosmetics are suitable for people who care about the environment because no microplastics or petroleum compounds are returned to the environment during their production. Except for the disposal of the packaging, the environment is not affected.

Peculiarities of natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are products made from bio-ecological or natural raw materials.

The aim of natural cosmetics is natural care, in which only sustainable ingredients without environmentally harmful additives are used.

Therefore, the products do not contain microplastics or nanoparticles that cause serious problems in food chains. Above all, it is also important for manufacturers of natural cosmetics to only use cosmetics that include environmental and animal welfare aspects. All substances are based on animal and environmentally friendly production, this is a good example of coconut oil.

Natural cosmetics made from natural raw materials
Natural cosmetics are products made from organic-ecological or natural raw materials

In addition, all synthetic ingredients and animal products are avoided in the manufacture of cosmetics. In addition, the products are 100% vegan made. More information about natural cosmetics can be found.

Natural cosmetics protect skin areas

Controlled cosmetics are dermatologically tested and made exclusively from ingredients from controlled organic farming. Cosmetics promise effective and well-tolerated care for skin irritations or problem skin. Since no synthetic additives are used and only natural fragrances are used, the cosmetics protect the skin of old and young people as well as babies and children with sensitive skin.

However, the repertoire of natural cosmetics does not only include lotions and creams for facial care. In addition, there is a large selection of shower and bath products. Naturally, pure contained cosmetics essential oils also fight against the formation of germs.

Natural cosmetics protect skin areas
Natural cosmetics protect skin areas

Natural cosmetics are good for the environment

The market for sales of natural cosmetics is growing slowly but steadily. Products with the “Nature” label guarantee consumers a healthy, ecological, and natural variant of body and beauty care.

Consumers are guaranteed certified production, in the manufacture of which no polyethylen glycol – called PEG – is used.

These emulsifiers combine oil and water to improve the texture of cosmetic items. These PEGs are classified as hazardous to health. In addition, manufacturers of natural cosmetics reacted to people’s growing interest in completely dispensing with animal raw materials in production. Honey or milk are sometimes used for non-vegan products. In the case of vegan cosmetics, on the other hand, the use of dead vertebrates or substances obtained from their bodies is completely excluded.

Long-term effect of organic cosmetics

Commercially available cosmetics often aim for quick effects. In their synthetic production or silicone oils are used that do not meet the needs of the skin and are only intended to achieve a smoothing or plumping effect.

Natural cosmetics, on the other hand, pursue a different goal and do not promise any short-term effects. On the contrary, these cosmetics are designed to balance the skin and hair with natural ingredients. This results in a long-lasting care effect. Because the skin receives enough nutrients, the cosmetics effectively protect against moisture loss.
Finally, the products help to ensure an effective regeneration process of the skin. With the help of natural care, the radiance of the skin is preserved. Here, high-quality products rely exclusively on effective active ingredients.

Effective active ingredients from natural cosmetics
Natural cosmetics are designed to balance skin and hair with natural ingredients

Completely free from animal testing

In natural cosmetics, it goes without saying that manufacturers adhere to ethical guidelines and strict principles during production. Animal welfare is always at the center of our concerns. For consumers, on the other hand, it is relatively difficult to always pay attention to products that are not tested on animals. After all, it is quite difficult to avoid animal testing in the manufacture of cosmetics.

There are now quality labels on the market that are considered trustworthy and explicitly recommended by animal rights activists.

If animal testing is necessary for the manufacture of the products, the seals are no longer valid. On the Internet, so-called reliable positive lists are now circulating, which give an overview of Natural cosmetics without animal testing promise

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