Anyone who sleeps poorly over the long term should expect serious impairments in day-to-day life. Anyone who is constantly tired does not only suffer from concentration problems. At the same time, there is a lack of energy to successfully cope with all daily tasks. However, if the problem is not yet chronic, affected individuals can usually improve their sleep quality without medication. Drug treatment is only necessary after several months or years of insomnia. It is therefore important to act as soon as possible.

Adjust to your own sleep needs

The question of the perfect sleeping experience is as different as the people themselves.

While some people only need five or six hours of sleep, others need ten or even eleven hours.

One sleeps all at once, the other in stages. An important indication of high quality, however, is your own wellness factor. Anyone who feels fit and relaxed during the day is probably sleeping in top condition. In this case, there is no reason to change.

Activity promotes fatigue

However, if you want to improve your sleep experience, you can benefit from various options.But the mental demands and a lot of exercises also contribute to tiring the body. Nevertheless, caution is advised, as a lot of mental effort or a lot of exercises before going to sleep tends to be a hindrance. Also, you should avoid particularly scary, thrilling, or thrilling movies.

Activity promotes fatigue
mental demands and lots of exercises also contribute to body fatigue

The right foods before bed

If you go to bed hungry, you also have to reckon with insomnia. However, that doesn’t mean eating “heavy” foods like a greasy cutlet with fries or a pork knuckle before bed. On the contrary, the body needs foods that are not too heavy in the stomach. The liquid is just as important.

However, alcohol is not a good choice. Increased alcohol consumption makes it easier to fall asleep, but causes sleep disturbances at night. Moreover, the rituals have proven themselves in practice. Whether it’s painting, watching TV, or reading – if you suffer from sleep problems, you should take at least half an hour before going to bed and do it without any excitement.

Establishing routines such as listening to audiobooks, showering, and brushing your teeth will also help you fall asleep more easily.

Regular rituals are helpful, as are fixed wake-up and bedtimes.

The right bedroom design

In general, it is important for a bedroom that the room is soundproof and dark. Room temperatures of 17 to 22 degrees are optimal. Here, however, it is not the ambient temperature that is directly decisive, but that under the ceiling. Everyone must sleep in such a way that they are neither too cold nor too hot.

A good idea is to separate sleeping and working areas. After all, it’s rather unhealthy to watch unfinished work from bed.

Room - soundproof and dark
The room should be soundproof and dark

If in doubt, better sleep separately

If a partner snores or both people prefer different comfort temperatures, it is advisable to use separate beds.

It is equally important to switch off at least half an hour before bedtime and switch off all technical devices completely if possible.

According to some studies, the release of melanin, the sleep hormone, is delayed if the blue light from electronic devices such as laptops or cell phones is also turned on at night. It changes the day-night rhythm. The light from bedside lamps, on the other hand, is less of a problem.

Leave pets and negative thoughts at the door

Of course, it’s important for many pet owners to feel close to their pets even at night.. If the dog moves a lot at night or if the rabbit is nocturnal, the animals do not necessarily favor deep sleep. Therefore, when in doubt, animals should stay outside the door, as should negative thoughts about sleep.

Finally are sleep problems often hidden deep in the subconscious. An example is the negative childhood memories associated with punishments such as “forced sleep”. These experiences quickly give sleep a bad image. That is why it is recommended to communicate about last night’s problems or dreams. It can also help to look forward to sleeping together on the weekends.

Consult the doctor after three months at the latest

There are many good tips to help you sleep better. It is therefore advisable to select tips that match your own personality. Sufferers should exercise caution around people who promise good sleep.

However, if you have suffered from insomnia for at least three months and have already tried several tricks, you should consult a doctor if in doubt. With medical support, the doctor and the patient can investigate the causes in order to initiate countermeasures if necessary. This reduces the risk that Chronic insomnia developed.

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