The variety of natural cosmetics knows no bounds and at the top of the list in the natural cosmetics industry is undoubtedly coconut oil. It is said to remove makeup, heal the skin and even help fight pimples.

But is it really a panacea for the rest of the world?

Ingredients and properties

Coconut oil combines a number of positive effects: the nourishing ingredients vitamin E and lauric acid make the oil a magic ingredient for many skin products.

99% and therefore the main component are saturated fatty acids.

Of these, in turn, between 60 and 70% are medium-bodied, making the oil easy to digest when consumed. In addition, these fatty acids are water soluble and thus also act against viruses and bacteria in the body. In addition to other groups of substances, there are also amino acids, lactones, and minerals contain.

Skin benefits

Coconut oil can con dry skin help. It moisturizes and promotes healing. Extracted from the fruit of the coconut, the oil can even be used to treat chronic skin conditions. These include eczema or neurodermatitis. Coconut oil also reduces inflammation caused by UVB rays and has antibacterial and antiviral effects. According to some studies, it can also improve the barrier function of the skin.

You can also use the oil for insect bites and as a lip balm, fighting blemishes and softening rough hands. The skin is lubricated and rebalanced. Small wrinkles can be reduced and coconut oil is also ideal for use before and after shaving. Incidentally, the miracle cure is not just for women – men’s and babies’ skin also benefits. You can use as much as you want on the body and face. The fragrance oil protects you from harmful environmental influences and dry heating air with every dosage. In fact, you can even use it to remove your makeup.

Coconut oil - hair care
Use coconut oil sparingly on the scalp, otherwise, your roots can quickly become oily

Scalp, hair

The positive effect also does not diminish on the scalp and hair. However, care must be taken to use it sparingly, as too much oil on the scalp can quickly make your roots oily.

For a 100% effect on dry scalp, it is best to leave the oil on overnight and only use it as a shine finish during the day.

Coconut oil as an insect repellent

Instead of resorting to commercial insect repellents that are chemically made and often smell bad, you can simply use coconut oil. Although the oil smells like heaven to us, mosquitoes, fleas, lice, and ticks do not smell at all. So if you get up mosquito protection make sure you’re doing something good for your skin at the same time.

And not only you: the oil is also suitable as an insect repellent for your four-legged friends. And that’s not all: a few drops in the food can fight parasites and even replace the dewormer.

coconut oil against hunger

The fatty acids contained in the oil and the ketones derived from it have an appetite-suppressant effect. In this way, food cravings and even weight can be reduced. You can use it in Asian dishes as well as in smoothies, when cooking, or for frying.

Coconut oil also stimulates fat burning.

Medium-chain triglycerides increase calorie consumption by up to 5% per day. It’s about 120 calories.


If you thought that was it, you were wrong. Coconut oil offers a number of other benefits. It is incredibly versatile and certainly a real miracle cure in all areas – even scientifically proven, by the way.

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