One of the easiest things to change around the house to live more sustainably? – Swap a classic toothbrush for a bamboo model. Plastic toothbrushes, just like straws or any other type of single-use plastic, are not only very difficult to recycle, but they are also non-compostable. For this reason, bamboo toothbrush is becoming more and more popular in the world.

But are bamboo toothbrushes really better for the environment?

The short answer is yes. Because the handle (and usually the wrapper) is biodegradable, over time it can be placed in the compost or reused in the garden as a stake. Plastic, on the other hand, stays on our planet for up to 500 years. There will always be more instead of fewer mountains of waste produced, we should change something about that.

Additionally, bamboo is a very fast growing plant that requires little maintenance and no pesticides or fertilizers to grow.

Large quantities can therefore be extracted each year without endangering the stock in the least. Due to its rapid growth, bamboo can also convert more CO2 into oxygen than other trees, giving it an added advantage. Another reason for not using conventional toothbrushes is the massive loss of oil, favored by production. So just love bamboo.

The only problem is that the bristles are usually nylon. Therefore, these must be removed prior to disposal. If in doubt about the materials, a simple trick can be used to test whether they are plastic-free or not. To do this, briefly burn the hair. If it produces black smoke and a bad smell, then they are definitely not plastic free!

Bamboo toothbrushes
As with other toothbrushes, it should be changed every one to three months to ensure optimal maintenance

And are they also good for my teeth?

Of course, caring for the environment and focusing on biodegradability is commendable. Nevertheless, your personal health should be the priority. If you use a standard toothbrush every day, you normally rub the plastic it contains on your oral mucosa for three minutes. So dissolve small plastic particles that then enter your bloodstream. The consequences cannot be assessed at the moment, but the “consumption” of plastic is definitely not healthy. You might be happy to know that a bamboo toothbrush is not only plastic-free, but just as effective as a plastic or electric toothbrush. The nylon fibers are just as strong and the service life does not vary much.

As with other toothbrushes, it should be changed every one to three months to ensure optimal maintenance.

The advantage: you feel better when you need a new (faster) toothbrush because the bamboo one is degradable. Another advantage is the antimicrobial effect. This is also the reason why cutting boards and other household utensils are made of wood or bamboo. Unlike plastic, the properties of bamboo naturally kill (harmful) bacteria, providing long-lasting and reliable protection.

The effectiveness of bamboo toothbrushes on your teeth is therefore equivalent to that of conventional plastic brushes, with the added advantage of antimicrobial properties and a much better environmental profile.

Noble and unique

In addition to the environment and health, appearance also plays a role for many people. As with anything else, the first thing we often notice is how something affects us. Bamboo toothbrushes are distinguished by their appearance because they are noble and unique. Compared to electric toothbrushes or plastic models, they are also easy to transport and therefore perfect for traveling.

There’s no electricity needed, no hassle, and no hook-ups and while you can enjoy the freedom of brushing your teeth outside of the bathroom, you’re also doing your part for the environment at the same time.

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