Many avid sportsmen insist on doing without physical training even in the hot season. However, there are some tips to keep in mind to avoid putting your health at risk. Who despite the heat and the high temperatures Sports drift should take care of his body. But what exactly should you pay attention to?

The right time and the right drink

Amateur athletes should move their training to the morning or evening in midsummer. After all, it’s not that hot at this time of day.

It is also advisable to drink 0.3 liters of warm water just before training.

The temperature of the drink must be lukewarm, otherwise, your body will have to heat the water to process the liquid. For this, the human organism again needs energy. The body in turn saves this energy if the drink is lukewarm.

If you want to exercise for more than an hour, you should definitely take water with you.

Skin coverage and reduced exposure

Muscle shirts are less suitable for sports training in the summer. Instead, athletes should wear functional clothing that covers the upper body. Another advantage of functional clothing is that it absorbs sweat well. This automatically cools the body again. A hat can also be useful.

In endurance sports such as running, the heart rate should remain a maximum of five to ten beats above the usual heart rate. This range of frequencies is useful for the body to avoid wasting unnecessary energy on thermoregulation.

Functional clothing - sport in the heat
Muscle shirts are less suitable for sports training in the summer – instead, athletes should wear functional clothing that covers the upper body

Benefits of Jogging and Gyms

Jogging is a recommended sport in hot weather. yoga Or pilates have proven to be a sensible substitute for strength training. In addition, Asian sports such as Qi Gong or Tai Chi also ensure well-being in hot weather. An interesting alternative to these sports is gymnasiums.

But beware: going from an air-conditioned studio to the heat often turns into a sweaty affair, which in turn demands energy from the body.

Post-workout tips

After sports training, it is recommended to wick away sweat as soon as possible and dry the body as quickly as possible. The muscles should not become tense or suddenly cold, as side effects such as lumbago are a threat in this situation. The back and kidney area should be dried to protect sensitive areas from health issues. Controlled body cooling works best with a cold foot bath. Otherwise, just run cold water over your forearms and hands. In this way, the “risk” of excessive sweating is avoided.

A no-go is a hot shower after exercise. As a result, the body would sweat too much because it would heat up again.

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