Treat your skin to a relaxing treatment from time to time. It doesn’t take much for that. A little time and a body brush are all it takes to promote healthy skin.

Benefits of dry brushing

Supermodel Miranda Kerr discovered dry brushing a long time ago. We are talking about so-called dry brushing, which fits perfectly into the beauty routine.

On the one hand, dry brushing stimulates blood circulation. On the other hand, brushing impresses with its peeling effect.

It only takes a few minutes a day to achieve this feel-good effect.

A natural application with a long history

Dry brushing inspires a natural application that people discovered for themselves in the mid-19th century. In circular movements, the dry skin of the body is worked from bottom to top with a natural brush. On the one hand, this method stimulates blood circulation. On the other hand, the lymph flow is stimulated. By eliminating waste, the body is naturally detoxified. This results in an improved complexion. This effect is greatly enhanced by the peeling properties of dry brushing.

The bristles remove dead skin cells. In addition, dirt is removed from the pores. The complexion is refined. At the same time, the skin firms up over time.

Benefits of dry brushing
The bristles remove dead skin cells. In addition, dirt is removed from the pores

Three to four short applications per week are sufficient

Because dry brushing stimulates many bodily functions, you can easily incorporate brushing into your morning ritual.. Of course, everyone can decide for themselves how often to use the treatment. A good recommendation is a five-minute application, brushing your skin three to four times a week.

It is important to always brush from bottom to top.

You start with the feet along the legs to continue the brushing movements on the hips buttocks and arms. Again, start with circular motions working your way up from your upper body to your chest. After dry brushing, a shower will help remove dead, loose skin cells. Then apply a body cream to hydrate the skin.

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