Have you ever dreamed of a hobby farm? Maybe you have wanted to live on a farm since childhood or have now realized that you are missing something in life. Most people take advantage of it, others take advantage of it.

Whatever your reason for deciding to run a successful small farm, it takes some planning. Among other things, it is important to know which animals are suitable for your own small farm.


A free supply of eggs is one of the greatest benefits of raising chickens. Moreover, can Chickens also eat insects and other pests in your garden or yard?

Buying chickens is quite cheap. They don’t need a lot of space and are also very easy to maintain.

A group of chickens would just roam outside the garden shed in a small backyard. However, the more chickens you want to keep, the more space you need to provide. As a general rule, a chicken needs about 10 square meters of exercise. A dedicated area protects your cultivated crops from trampling by hens. It is important that chickens also have safe protection from predators. A solid chicken coop can either be a ready made chicken coop from a specialist retailer or a converted garden shed. It is only important to pay attention to draft-free and well-ventilated rooms and equip them with perches, nests, food, and water. Indoors, you can keep up to 5 chickens on one square meter – provided there is room to move around.

Feeding chickens is inexpensive, not least because the animals can also feed on scraps. If you decide to have a few chickens, you will like and appreciate their unique personalities.


Rabbits are also inexpensive to buy. However, you should note that rabbits are group animals and should never be kept alone. They need plenty of space and regular exercise. At best you have a secure enclosure in the garden or in the barn. They eat hay, vegetables, and pellets.

Rabbits are group animals
Rabbits are group animals and should never be kept alone


Sheep are very adaptable animals that are also quite easy to care for. A small flock can live comfortably on an acre of land – if you want more than 4 sheep, you must of course have enough land. it is common practice to keep the animals on pasture most of the time – except of course during the cold months when the sheep also need a permanent barn. Sheep eat grass during the warm months, so there is virtually no cost involved in sourcing feed. In winter, however, they need hay to eat, but it’s also quite cheap to acquire.

You can get milk, wool, or even mutton.

As a hobby farm animal, you can either support yourself or earn a little money. Another benefit of raising sheep is manure, which is an excellent fertilizer for the soil. Sheep are very affectionate animals that you can train if you feel like it.


Goats are very hardy animals that will replace your lawnmower in the garden in spring and summer. However, they also need hay during the cold months, and unlike chickens, goats need around 200 to 400 square meters of space per animal. This is important so that they can walk around sufficiently.

A sturdy fence should be a basic requirement for keeping goats, as the animals like to run away. You can get 1-3 liters of fresh goat’s milk daily and easily cover your own needs. In addition to pure pleasure, the milk is of course also suitable for the production of local cheese. Goats are very curious animals that are guaranteed to keep them entertained every day.


Pigs are often prejudiced and often don’t have a very good reputation as “dirty animals”.. These beings can be very loving and loyal. When it comes to caring for pigs, they each need 100 square meters of space to get enough exercise.

Unlike other animals, feeding pigs can be very expensive because they love to eat.

Pig food can be purchased from the store or you can also feed the animals fresh vegetables such as dark green lettuce, carrots, kale, zucchini, etc. Of course, you can also make money with pork.

By the way: What many people don’t know is that pigs are extraordinarily intelligent animals. Domestic pigs have excellent cognitive abilities and live in a dazzling and rich emotional world. They are highly developed and at least as intelligent as domestic dogs.

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