Long flights: either you love them or you hate them. If so, you have a problem, because to reach distant destinations of the world, you probably cannot avoid it. Flights don’t always have to be boring and scary – in fact, they can be enjoyed if you plan ahead and stock up on things to pass the time and sleep.

Pillow, eye mask, comfortable clothes

There are many types of travel pillows to buy. Once you find the one that suits you best, you will at least be more comfortable than the other passengers. Blankets are also essential to create comfort on the plane. Since not all airlines offer blankets, a travel blanket would also be a plus in addition to the pillow.

In any case, be careful with your clothes. If there are adjustments here and there, such a long flight can quickly become an ordeal. Wear comfortable clothes and also consider the temperatures on the plane. Some are too hot, and others are often too cold, so an onion system would be the best choice. The layers allow you to vary quickly and flexibly. This allows you to react quickly if the temperatures in the plane or your personal feelings fluctuate.

In addition to warm socks, an eye mask is also essential for every flight.

Eye masks help you create an ideal sleeping environment. On long-haul flights, the lights are often dimmed in between, but it still doesn’t quite get dark. Also, not all passengers want to sleep and some leave a light on. Mobile phones, e-books, and laptops also emit some light. When choosing the eye mask, also make sure that it is a comfortable model. If she scratches her eyes, unfortunately, you couldn’t do anything. Because then the constant itching keeps you awake.

Eye mask - beauty tips for long flights
Eye masks help you create an ideal sleeping environment

Sufficient employment

In addition to books (or e-books), laptops, and cell phones, you can also bring games. If you are traveling as a couple, there are some advantages to the travel variant. Travel Scrabble or Travel Rummycup are just two examples. Card games are also suitable on the plane, the choice is wide. When you are alone journey you can then resort to crosswords or games that can also be used alone.

If you prefer to listen to music or watch movies, don’t forget your headphones! There’s nothing more frustrating than having to endure a 10-12 hour flight without a helmet. There are now even models with a noise canceling function. So when a baby is crying or people are talking too loudly, unlike traditional headphones, these headphones can block out noise and bring smooth, quiet sound to your ears. Incidentally, instead of music, there are now many audiobooks or podcasts – either to fall asleep or to chase away boredom.

Dry air – the killer of your skin

Long-haul flights often leave traces on our skin: Dehydration and fatigue often make us look 10 years older when we step off the plane. To keep the air fresh despite a long flight, there are some tips and products you should not miss.

Naturally based skin care products are the best for this because the healing power of nature will always be better than products that are only made in a lab.

Watch out for humidity

Above all, keep your skin hydrated and your body hydrated. It is best to drink a certain amount of water every hour to stay hydrated. Avoid alcohol, however, as this will also dry out your skin. You can take a small spray bottle with you so that enough water reaches your skin from the outside. These so-called water vaporizers are available from different brands and also in travel sizes. The soft spray mist is super hydrating, and if you’re wearing makeup, you can also spray it over your makeup without hesitation.

Hand and lip cream are also recommended. The lips and hands are sensitive areas and are among the areas to be protected from drying out. Lavender-scented hand cream, for example, also has a very calming and relaxing effect. A moisturizing mask can also work wonders. If you are embarrassed to use a sheet mask or similar, you can apply a light cream mask. It can be applied shortly before the flight and is virtually invisible. After a few hours or just before landing, you can just wash your face and your skin will feel amazing.

By the way, you should avoid applying makeup in flight, as it clogs your pores and makes your skin clammy and sticky. Plus, it stains when you sleep.

Rest and relaxation with aromatherapy oils

A real game changer for your next flight? – aromatic oils! Spray your travel pillow with a few drops of soothing oil and you can relax and sleep better.

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