Dry eyes are a common symptom in the population of industrialized countries. External influences such as bad and dry air, strong sunlight, and working on the computer screen cause the tear film to tear. Dry eyes are manifested by an itching sensation in the eye area. Many who suffer from this problem also speak of a foreign body sensation in the eyes.

In addition to eye drops, home remedies can also help. But above all, you need to know what influences lead to dry eyes and counteract them.

Regular flashing

The regular opening and closing of the eyelids serve to maintain the tear film.

The liquid film wets the cornea and has an antibacterial effect and protects the eye from foreign bodies, or helps to quickly remove penetrating particles from the eye.

Regular breaks from screen work

Working on computer screens slows flickering. Various studies show that the opening and closing of the eyelids is significantly reduced when working on a computer.

Various sources speak of a reduction from 20-25 beats per minute to just 2-4 blinks.

To relax the eyes and prevent them from drying out, regular breaks should be taken during screen work.

Provide fresh air

To prevent or combat dry eye, ventilation must be carried out regularly. Cosed rooms are also increasingly being air-conditioned.

Since air conditioning not only cools the air but also significantly reduces its moisture content, it can be the cause of dry eyes. The fan draft is also drying out the eyes.

Wear sunglasses - Dry eyes
When buying goggles, care should be taken to choose high-quality goggles

wear sunglasses

Especially in the summer months, the thermal radiation of the sun ensures more intensive evaporation of the tear film. Eyes should be protected from direct sunlight outdoors. Wearing sunglasses is the ideal solution here.

When purchasing goggles, care should be taken to choose high-quality lenses.

Bad glasses can cause permanent eye damage.

Choosing the right contact lenses

Lens wearers need to ensure that the lenses not only fit perfectly but are also made of the right material. Soft lenses are always preferable to harder lenses because they put less strain on the eye. You can also do a lot of harm with contact lens solutions.

It is therefore important to know which liquid has the least aggressive effect on the eyes.

Smoke less

smokers who are dry eyes sufferers should try to reduce their tobacco use or quit smoking altogether.

Cigarette smoke affects the tear film and can quickly dry out the eyes.

Eat a balanced diet and drink enough

To avoid dry eye, it is necessary to a healthy lifestyle lead and has a balanced diet. If the body is not sufficiently supplied with nutrients, it not only weakens the immune system. Many bodily functions are affected.

Tear fluid formation is also influenced by lifestyle and diet. It is especially important to drink plenty. If there is a water deficit in the body, the production of tear fluid also decreases.

Sufficient sleep

Sleep is the best medicine. The eyes are strongly stressed by the stimuli of the day and, like the rest of the body, need sufficient rest. People who regularly suffer from dry eye should Check their sleep habits. Little Sleep or poor sleep quality can also be a cause of dry eye.

Anyone who cannot get dry eye problems under control with home remedies or over-the-counter eye drops should definitely see a doctor. This can help find the reason and suggest appropriate therapy.

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