From regular visits to the swimming pool to bike rides to a weekend game of tennis: exercise plays an important role in the daily lives of many young people. But this urge to move usually disappears with age. Anyone who is no longer active in sport after the age of 40 is making a big mistake.

Counter muscle breakdown

The aging process is certainly not easy for anyone. Anyone who spent their evenings jogging in the past is more likely to reach their limits as they get older. He comes, as he should. The muscles gradually break down. If you’re not careful, you’ll quickly gain extra pounds.

At 40 in particular, it is particularly important to practice regular physical activity.

Physical activity is good for the body. To this end, amateur athletes should focus on certain sports and exercises.

Regular exercise is the alpha and omega

Regular exercise is essential. Many people are aware of this statement. However, the recommendation is often ignored. However, as we age, regular exercise is more important than ever.
Speak metabolism slowing down from year to year, it is not only the bone mass that is decreasing. At the same time, the muscles gradually break down. However, if you are active, you thwart this process. Two to three sessions of endurance sports per week are enough to give your body a makeover. The most effective are workouts with a little strength training.

endurance sports
Two to three sessions of endurance sports per week are enough to give your body a makeover

bone strengthening

Endurance sport is ideal for activating the cardiovascular system and fat metabolism. So-called vertical sports, in which the body is straight, are recommended. These sports include walking or jogging. One of the advantages of these sports is that they not only allow you to get fit, but also stabilize the bones.

Anyone looking for an alternative to these sports is well advised to cycle or swim.

With these sports, amateur sportsmen also prevent obesity, diseases of the cardiovascular system or disorders of lipid metabolism.

muscle building tips

Targeted endurance training should be complemented by strength training. Because the musculature breaks down with age, there is a risk of orthopedic damage. Effective strength training makes sense for Back ache how to deal with herniated discs.
At the same time, strength training activates the metabolism, because the muscles need more energy. In other words, the more muscle mass there is, the more energy the human body uses.

Try new sports

Even though cycling or jogging are great fun and help build muscle, newer types of sports are certainly appealing as well. After all, there’s nothing wrong with starting sports like tennis, rock climbing or beach volleyball at this age. The body goes through new sequences of movements, which holistically support the organism. Accordingly, not only the body has to get used to the new movement sequences.
At the same time, brains are needed. Finally, new unfamiliar movement sequences are stored in motor memory and thus constitute a particularly demanding cognitive need.

Amateur athletes are advised to practice a new sport for at least 20 weeks.

This period is necessary to acquire the first sport-specific skills and to enjoy training.

Practice a new sport for at least 20 weeks
Amateur athletes are advised to practice a new sport for at least 20 weeks

Don’t act hastily

Anyone who begins sports training at this age for the first time or after a long period of time should undergo a sports aptitude test with a doctor before starting. It is also important to start physical training slowly and not overexert yourself from the start. Athletes should therefore only follow workouts for as long as they feel comfortable doing so. After exercise, it is important to pay attention to physical cues. In general, it is always good to feel better after exercise than before. This way it is easier for the body to get used to the new load and maintain its own motivation.

After three months at the latest, it is advisable to increase the intensity of training. It’s the only way for amateur athletes to completely challenge their own bodies.

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