Yoga instead of series or walks instead of going to a restaurant: why not look for alternatives to classic leisure activities as a couple? common Sports can also guarantee couples in love a pleasant time together. A few rules help ensure that the sport doesn’t turn out to be a relationship killer.

A boon for relationships?

Author and couples counselor Eric Hegmann is certain that exercising together has a positive effect on relationships. On the one hand, the hormones of frustration and stress are reduced. On the other hand, couples spend time together. The libido is activated.

So there are many good reasons to play sports together.

It’s even more fun to compete against other couples during sports training. This reinforces the feeling of working as a team. In general, Hegmann recommends regular data nights for all couples. After all, there is also anticipation when a joint sports day is planned every week. In this context, Professor Jens Kleinert, Head of the Department of Health and Social Psychology at the Institute of Psychology at the University in Cologne, points out that partners get to know their counterparts in a sporting role that they don’t know otherwise. This particular experience is a good thing.

Sport - benefit for relationships
There are plenty of good reasons to exercise together

Define the objectives in detail

In the beginning, it makes sense to clearly define common goals. Both participants should ask themselves what they really want to achieve with physical training. There should be agreement on the purpose of the movement and the sport.
Is it more about spending time together or doing something good for your health?

Popular fitness exercises for two

Popular fitness exercises include taking walks, jogging, or biking together. However, if there are other options, you should think carefully before hitting the gym together, going to a sports club, or taking classes like yoga. Last but not least, the question arises whether couples would like to practice sports as a couple or with other couples.

It is a good basis if the joint training units are carefully planned.

Couples should agree on recurring fixed dates where everyone involved can train together. All partners must be clear about the intensity with which the sport should be practiced. The question is, for example, how often and how often the training is carried out.

take performance differences into account

Whether couples practice a new sport together or focus on a partner’s hobby in the future does not play a major role. It is only important that a newcomer accepts his role as a beginner, unlike the experienced athlete. When choosing sports, experts consider running to be a good option. In this sport, everyone involved spends their free time in the fresh air and can still talk.

Other interesting options are tennis, golf, kite surfing, or surfing. If you can afford it, consider hiring a personal trainer. This training is a good idea, especially for beginner couples, to carry out a common sports program.

No one should be overwhelmed or bored

The performance differences are pretty insignificant when you train together. It is only important that both partners do not feel overwhelmed or bored. However, if you leave a little creativity and want to find compromises, you will certainly find the right solution.

One option is differentiated tasks. While one person performs an exercise with reduced difficulty, the other completes the exercise with increased difficulty. Another solution would be to jog together for the first 20 minutes and then separate. It is always important for the stronger person to consider the weaker person. If a partner feels overwhelmed, frustration spreads quickly.

Differences in performance in pair sports
It is important that both partners do not feel overwhelmed or bored

Make clearly defined agreements

Become an inner bastard who wants to overcome, thwarts the search for excuses with a clearly defined agreement. In other words, it means sticking strictly to the agreed deadlines. A kind of agreement can be envisaged, in which both partners write fixed dates on bulletin boards.

On the one hand, this strategy reduces the potential for conflict. On the other hand, this regulation creates a liability.

Couples can also clarify in advance how they can best motivate each other in such situations. For example, to what extent is it permissible to put pressure on those around you? This situation is also a particular challenge for couples. After all, everyone involved needs to know how best to handle the situation.

If you don’t like it, find other solutions

If the regular joint training plan is not successful in the long term, other solutions must be found. In this situation, couples are encouraged to find other common points of contact.
If there is a lack of long-term similarities, couples should ask themselves what they value in their relationship.

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