Nobody really knows how things will continue in the weeks and months to come. Many employers continue to rely on home offices and children may also be able to learn again at home and practice what is known as “homeschooling”.

To ensure that students and parents are adequately prepared and can master the change smoothly, a few points should be observed.

In addition to setting up a learning station, a few things are needed

Distance learning – or the job is not easy. In addition to setting up a workspace or learning station and traditional school and work materials (pens, pads), moving to a virtual classroom or office involves investments that will allow you to study or work more easily from home.

This includes a laptop, wireless headphones, computer accessories, and other devices.

A working laptop

If you don’t already have one, a decent computer or laptop should be at the top of your shopping list. If it used to be enough to have a laptop for the whole family, it becomes rather difficult with several children and a home office. Many people get a device from their employer so they don’t have to use their personal belongings. But when schools close again, a laptop will likely be essential.

work laptop
If you don’t already have one, a decent computer or laptop should be at the top of your shopping list.

If the laptop doesn’t have a decent webcam, you should consider an external device. The webcam must ensure that the image and sound are clear when participating in virtual discussions and meetings. Online lessons might also become a problem for children in the future. Most laptops already have an integrated webcam, but often these do not offer sufficient or desired quality.

A decent Wi-Fi connection

Broadband expansion in this country is progressing rather slowly. However, a reliable connection is a must, especially when working from home and homeschooling. If the courses and materials or your work instructions are fully online, you need good internet.

If you live in an area with poor coverage or multiple connections at the same time are overloading your previous internet access, you should consider a hotspot.

Surely you know about the possibility of a hotspot on your phone. Unfortunately, this consumes a lot of battery and your data volume quickly decreases immeasurably. There are many hotspots through different mobile phone providers. If you have a contract with one of them, you can often use these connections for free.

Besides technology, you also need a decent workplace

Surely your kids have a decent desk and chair right off the bat. Children usually do their homework there after school or study for their upcoming job. Sure, it’s tempting for you to do your chores and work orders from the bed or couch, but setting up a separate workstation would be better.

If you separate the place where you work from your living space, your productivity will increase massively. Above all, you need a suitable desk with plenty of storage space for documents etc. As you have to sit there all day, it is also a good idea to buy an ergonomic office chair. This way you can Backache avoid.

Decent workplace
Besides technology, you also need a decent workplace

An adjustable laptop stand, printer, and wireless headphones make working from home easy

Speaking of posture: you may be able to relieve your back with the chair, but not your neck. A laptop stand can quickly remedy this. This avoids unnecessary strain on the neck, otherwise, you will be sitting hunched over the laptop all day. The adjustable stand allows you to position the laptop at eye level and adopt an optimal posture.

Even if your kids’ classes or even your workplace is entirely virtual, sometimes you need a printer.

The children to complete their tasks by hand and you write notes on work orders or plans. Wireless headphones are super convenient for you right now. Children do not necessarily need this accessory. However, if you have kids and also need to cook lunch and keep house, or if you’re single, wireless headphones can make your day-to-day life easier. Thanks to this technology, you can walk around the house without the phone being held to your ear and at the same time tidy up, do laundry, clean, cook or do other tasks.

Other useful things

In addition to the things already mentioned, expanded cloud storage or an office package can be beneficial if you or your children need to study or work from home in the future. Incidentally, blue light-blocking glasses are something very useful. When you spend most of the day staring at a computer, tablet, or smartphone, this “digital eye strain” can become a real challenge. The consequences can range from headaches to dry eyes to blurred vision. Glasses with blue light filtering lenses protect your eyes from overexposure to harmful blue wavelengths from screens.

Incidentally, a reliable coffee machine is also recommended in order to “survive” the next few weeks and months in your own four walls.

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