Catching fish can be relaxing and a lot of fun. It is not for nothing that fishing is sometimes referred to as “the most beautiful form of failure”. In fact, the problem is only the preparation. Fishing is a process and the better you think about it in advance, the easier it will be for you to get started.

Safety first

While most people are now wondering how to protect themselves while fishing, an experienced angler knows exactly what is important. The dangers are many, some of which we are exposed to on a daily basis, but which we often overlook in concrete activities. For example, there is the sun. Especially on or near water, the intensity of the sun should not be underestimated – whatever the time of year. Appropriate sunscreen is essential.

The opposite weather can also happen when fishing, so a rain jacket is also essential.

As obvious as it may seem, remember to bring adequate hydration and first aid kits. Staying healthy and hydrated is key to an enjoyable fishing trip.

It all depends on the equipment

Like any other hobby or sport, fishing for fish depends on the equipment you use. High-quality fishing rods only score points if they are also suitable for the right species of fish. In the beginning, it is not absolutely necessary to get all the equipment right away.

If you only fish as a hobby or just want to spend some time on the water, a reel and rod are enough to gain some initial experience. With these two points, however, you must focus on quality, as it is important for success and for developing the pleasure of fishing. Plus, quality stuff lasts much longer and you’ll get what you pay for for years to come.

Fresh water vs salt water

Only a few beginners dare to try saltwater fish first, as getting them often involves a longer distance and more effort.

Saltwater shores are not common in many places, so freshwater fishing is the type of fishing most beginners are interested in. Rivers and lakes are suitable for this.

Your bait should look like nature
Your bait should look like nature

Your bait should look like nature

A lure must move naturally in the water. You can achieve this by trying to mimic nature’s rolling speed. If you cast as fast and as far as possible, the fish will spot the lie and not bite.

Change tactics

A tactical change might be to cast your bait deeper until you know how deep the fish is. To do this, add or subtract the weight.

Another change may be the change of location.

Move around to find the fish. Throw left, straight, and right, and see if your situation changes.

To be patient

When you fish, you have to prove one thing above all else: your patience. Either because you have to wait a long time, or because you have to feed the fish first. Finding where the most fish are can be a real test of patience. Be prepared to change baits, hooks, weights, knots, and other techniques throughout the day to achieve success.

You also need plenty of time to feed yourself.

However, the whole thing does not take place at changing locations, but at a fixed fishing spot. It would also be ideal if you had this place all to yourself. The bait should be chosen so that it looks and smells good to the fish. You also need to provide enough food so that the fish finds it unnecessary to continue foraging for food. Depending on the body of water you are in and the conditions there, you will need to vary the amount of food and the time of day. If you practice baiting not just for one day, but for several days in a row, the fish will get used to it and it will certainly be more likely to bite. Always remember that fishing is a process that requires good technique to be successful.

Above all, don’t lose patience in the beginning, because the more experience you have, the better you become when it comes to fishing. However, if you don’t catch any fish at first and lose interest as a result, you won’t gain any experience. But if you don’t gain experience, you won’t catch any fish. So impatience puts you in a vicious circle. But one thing is certain: it pays to stay tuned!

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