Summer time is bath time. It does not matter whether on the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, on an island, on a lake, on a river, or in an outdoor swimming pool – there is nothing better than a break or a break in a warm daytime vacation by the water to spend. While the offspring build sandcastles on the beach or collect seashells, parents or grandparents can relax and sunbathe.

However, the feel-good atmosphere is only guaranteed with the right bathroom equipment.

Towels for relaxing and drying off

An important part of beach luggage is towels, which should not be missing from the packing list. Ideally, you should use two towels, one suitable for lying on and the other for drying off. Equally essential is the right swimwear, ranging from bikinis to bathing suits to bathing suits.

If you stay on a pebble beach on hot summer days, waterproof shoes are also essential. Otherwise, not only is it difficult to access water. At the same time, the stones could also cause pain in the water itself.

Take care of your physical well-being

If you don’t just want to drink water for a whole bathing day, you can also pack cold tea as an alternative. If you taste the drinks with a little mint or lemon, the moment of pleasure is perfect.

However, so that the drinks do not get too hot, a cooler is part of the packing list for the excursion to the lake.

This way, drinks and small snacks stay cool for a long time. Speaking of snacks. In addition to a sufficient water supply, the small refreshment for the interval should not be missing. Fresh fruit such as bananas, melons or pineapple is best. In addition, cookies inspire nuts or snacks on vegetables as ideal energy sources.

If you even want to spend a whole day by the lake or the sea, you should prepare enough sandwiches. After all, fresh air and lots of exercises are known to make you hungry.

For your health: pay attention to sun protection

For your own health, however, it’s not just important to give yourself a little energy boost on a regular basis. Again, remember to protect your skin as much as possible from direct exposure protect from the sun exposure. Therefore, it is not only urgently necessary to carry enough sunscreen with you.

Sun protection - day at the lake
Remember to protect your skin from direct sunlight as much as possible

A parasol that offers enough space for a shady spot is also a good choice. Since the sun’s rays are also very strong in the water, sunglasses and a sun hat promise additional protection.

Toys for the youngest swimmers

So that all generations can enjoy a refreshing dip in the water, diving goggles or armbands are simply part of the swimming equipment. Accessories like these help boys and girls play in and around water with great joy. Speaking of playing: with armbands or goggles, the fun of swimming on summer days has only just begun.

Toys prevent children from getting bored too quickly at the beach.

Even small accessories such as balls or sets of beach balls are enough to avoid boredom. In addition, accessories should not be missing, which provide a lot of fun for all beach visitors. From books to puzzle books to magazines – there are only a few limits to the variety.

Dry clothes for the return

It’s often little moments like these that are remembered for a long time by everyone involved. So what could be more obvious than capturing the bathing trip on paper? A camera is an important utensil for taking snapshots of the bathing trip and capturing those special moments for eternity.

After a great day at the beach, moments of well-being are also guaranteed with the right clothes. After all, nothing is more uncomfortable than starting the return trip with a wet bathing suit. However, a change of dry clothes is not only important for a safe return trip. At the same time, this change of clothes helps to stay healthy and not catch a cold.

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